Ain't Got Time for Hello

Hey it's Vince the Web Guy again. You've got no idea what it's like trying to build a web site for a superhero. I mean I can put just about anything up on this page that you could imagine, but if the Clam with the plan doesn't let me in on what he wants, it makes it a trifle difficult.

For example, take the last conversation I had with him:

Web Guy: "SC, we need a blurb for the front page."

SC: "The Front page of what?"

Web Guy: "The web site! What else would I be asking about?"

SC: "I don't know, the New York Times, Newsweek. you're supposed to be taking care of publicity and all that."

Web Guy: "Hey I'm just building a web site for ya--which is tough enough without your input."

SC: "Oh I'm sorry. I just got a bit tied up SAVING THE WORLD and all. You watch the news?"

Web Guy: "Yeah."

SC: "Well all that stuff you DON'T see on the news? You're welcome. Now unless you want the 11 o'clock to get REALLY strange, I've gotta go. Just put something up there. I'll check it from my phone later...if there is a later.

See what I mean? At least I got the twitter feed working so we can get SOME communication out of him. The best I can tell you is keep checking back. I'll keep working on the Claminator for more content, and in the mean time check out the store to buy some hats n' stuff.

Have a good one,

- Vince The Web Guy

SuperClam it is!!!

Greetings from SC's Webmaster!

As every web site goes through it's phases of development, there are unique questions that need to be answered. None more so than with SC's site.

For instance, does SC use the grammatically correct "Super Clam," or the DC Comics styled "Superclam?" In the end, SC decided on the digitally hip/username styled "SuperClam," which you will eventually see updated across the web site and all social media platforms.

Things are still under development here, but in the mean time, check out this CNN video of just the sort of Clam-injustice SC it out to stop:

The Super Clam Super Store

The Polo
Forget the allegator. Rock the Clam. (Click the pic to golf from your polo pony!)


SuperClam Hoodie
Go incogntito in style! Or just stay warm in a light breeze. Either way... (Click the Pic to see the awesomeness!)


Super Clam Magnet
Whether it's protecting your refrigerator from late night cravings, or your car from the Door-ding Gnomes, this Super Clam Magnet will do it with style! (Click on the picture for a better view.)


Super Clam Window Cling
Need a guardian as you glance out at the begonias? How about a companion for whoever got stuck in the back seat? This Super Clam Window Cling is just the ticket! (Click the Pic to get a better look-see!)


The Sea Hat
Show your loyalty to the one and only SuperClam with this awesome at. The colors echo those of my homeland...which is the ocean, so it's not really a homeland per se, but still...and as for the Black one, if you go down deep enough believe me it gets dark! Especially at night!!! (Click the pic to get nostalgic!)


SuperClam Window Cling with Text
Looking for a window cling that has all the functionality of the other window cling, but also declares to the world who this hansome clam is? This is the clingfor you! (Click the Pic to see the awesomeness!) Note, if you put it on the outside of your car, you might be able to introuce me to a new friend--as in this pic. (Click Here.)


Great Doing Business With You!!!

Awesome!! Thanks for the sale! I'll zip right off to the post office!

What? You expected lighting fast personal delivery? There are damsels to save and beers to drink, my friend! Plus I've got friends at the Post Office to keep employed. They buy me the beers in between saving damsels.